A Very Strange & Interesting Day

Today was a  very strange and interesting day. Unexpected phone calls, bizarre conversations as if I was speaking Mandarin (had I known how) and some eerily timed electrical failures had my head spinning by noon. The weirdness kept going from there.

So strange and interesting was my day that I was not at all surprised to open my front door later and find fish swimming in the trees. fish-in-trees

I went for a walk to ponder over this strange and interesting day when a very strange man with a very interesting dog approached me and said, “You deserve a lifetime universal fun pass” and handed me just that. He then gave me, I kid you not, a magic wand and said to “use it wisely while making the world wonderful”.wand



All very strange and interesting, indeed. The moral I guess is to make your own wonderfulness.

And never forget, I now have a magic wand…..

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10 Responses to A Very Strange & Interesting Day

  1. Al says:

    I know there are more worthy things for you to do with that magic wand, but at some point, if there is any magic left in it when you have finished doing good, I could use…..oh let’s say…..hmmmm….about a million dollars. Thanks in advance, Tricia.

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    That was awesome

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  3. LOL! I love this, Tricia. Make your own wonderfulness, indeed!

    I kid you not, I once had a day much like that. In the morning someone gave me a purple glitter pumpkin. They didn’t want it anymore and neither did I really, but it was purple. You can’t just toss out a purple pumpkin! Later that day someone gave me a strand of fake pearls and a plastic wand. I tossed them all in the back of the car and noticed I had a theme going on there, a theme about fairytales, which you know is going to capture my imagination. Today I have them all in the back window, to remind myself of that very odd day, a day I certainly needed to see some magic.

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  4. Will you still enjoy sharing your posts with us commoners or will you begin only conversing with Harry Potter and fellow wand possessors? 😀
    Even strange days can be looked back upon with amusement and even hidden lessons. Hope you use your “magic” wisely.

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  5. E. Williams says:

    With great magic comes great responsibility. Cool story!!

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