Fake News on the Internet? I’m Shocked!


Apparently, we have a “fake news” problem in this country, where stories loaded with false information spread ignorance like wildfire all over the Internet.  Some think this may even have cost Hillary Clinton the election and while I believe this fear to be inaccurate and overblown, I do say welcome to the party!

Some of us have been complaining, ahem, for years that biased, fear mongering is poisoning the electorate’s ability to make rational, educated decisions. The difference being this type of nonsense comes straight from the mainstream media and is masked as “hard news”, while the recent election oriented faux websites pushed outrageous headlines for clickbait a la National Enquire like sensationalism.

Discerning voters could smell a rat and I highly doubt many, if any votes where changed because of this. The left has only just now jumped on board the outrage train because well, oops, it turns out the masses are getting their news from sources other than ones beholden to the Democratic party and they have done the unthinkable by favoring Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Ouch.

Since a Clinton loss can’t possibly have anything to do with valid concerns over her political philosophy and overall vapidity as a person, it MUST be because of the spread of these faux news entities, which took those local-yocal Trump supporters for a ride all the way to victory.  Cries for an investigation of course are rampant.  I say yes, by all means, as it will be such great fun!  Let’s begin now with a quick run down.

We’ll start with the time a national news anchor for a major network TV station was caught lying on air about the sitting president of the United States. Remember that? CBS’s Dan Rather fabricated a malicious story about George W Bushes’ National Guard service, actually made it up out of thin air with probable forged documents to boot. Does that count as fake news? Sure seems so to me.

And oh hey, remember when Hillary Clinton blamed the Benghazi fiasco that left four Americans dead on a Youtube video?  Turns out that was completely false too, yet she and the rest of the Obama administration peddled this narrative for weeks after the attack, which the media dutifully reported of course as truth. Baldfaced lying I believe would be the correct term here.

Let’s not forget either the fun times during the ObamaCare wars, when Tea Party groups were egregiously smeared as racist by prominent journalists for merely opposing this massive government hijacking of the insurance market.  Again, no truth to this vicious insult whatsoever but the media kept running with it.

Speaking of ObamaCare, how about that infamous whopper spoken by our own President some 30 something times, “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan“,  which the media refused to question until it became too uncomfortable not to and Politifact finally deemed it “lie of the year” in 2013.

Then there’s  Rolling Stone having to completely retract a story about widespread gang rape at the University of Virginia because the star witness made up the entire thing, the  tragically false, “Hands, Up Don’t Shoot” narrative and the embarrassingly inaccurate Gender Wage Gap myth that has been thoroughly debunked, but yet again the media still keeps parroting as gospel.

And finally, what to make of disgraced former NBC News Anchor Brian Williams whining about fake news playing a role in the election? Williams you may remember was forced to resign  because he couldn’t stop LYING on the job!  Seriously, you just can’t make this stuff up.

I could go on, and on and on about the on sided news the media perpetuates but I think you get the point.  Everyone has an agenda, this is nothing new.  The problem is news outlets like ABC, NBC, CNN, etc….operate under the guise that they are reporting facts, while these fly by night websites are usually pushing outrageous stories to bring in advertising dollars.

Of course something reported by sober Scott Pelley from behind the CBS anchor desk is going to seem a lot more valid than a clickbait headline and thus is a much bigger can of worms to explore.

It won’t be though,  as that would require media elites to come to terms with their biases and how it affects their reporting and they are still in shock mode from the election. Maybe after they face denial and move on to acceptance and self reflection things will change, but until then keep a discerning and skeptical  lens handy.

Fake news is not the problem, it’s fake impartiality.

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24 Responses to Fake News on the Internet? I’m Shocked!

  1. Al says:

    Yes. Yes. And again yes! Until an actual adult becomes a person of authority at these news outlets, there will never be a mea culpa from them. They are insulated, corrupt, arrogant and have no idea what introspection is……wait did I just describe Hillary too? What a coincidence!

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  2. Lol! Ahh, so well said. Thanks for the reminder about all the fake news we’ve been enduring for at least a decade.

    Something I’ve been trying to understand, if we’re all “rural and uneducated” how did the Russians ever manage to get us to consume all this fake news? I mean, can we actually read and access the intertoobz? Also, which tall tales did we allegedly fall for?

    It’s somewhat ironic, here we have fake news about alleged Russian trolls brainwashing all the “uneducated, rural folks,” who are just too dumb to discern the truth anyway. That’s just the height of hubris. Also, a good way to loose an election.

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    • Tricia says:

      LOL IB, never thought it that way! Sigh, it’s like Mike said in the comments, the newsreaders know what’s best for us dummies so best we shut up about it.

      We’ve been enduring this fake news since probably the news business began. Before tv entered the scene, it as common for newspapers to make their biases known, which I think is fine. The networks don’t though so we must endure much condescending stupidity under the guise of “hard news”. Or just turn off the tv….

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  3. Citizen Tom says:

    Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Please read Tricia’s post. She provides an interesting take on the “fake news” problem we have in this country and lots of good references too!

    I especially enjoyed the link to the “Gender Wage Gap myth”. I did not believe gender exists, but I had trouble stating a good case against it. So I was delight to read Carrie Lukas’ article at Forbes Magazine.

    Consider. I have two daughters, and I want them treated fairly. I also have two son-in-laws, and I want them treated fairly too. When the mainstream news media puts out utter nonsense designed to pit us against each other, that doesn’t help anybody except the demagogues they support. In fact, pitting men and women against each other hurts families, especially children. So it is a despicable thing to do.

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  4. Dennis says:

    Well stated again Tricia.
    The idea of so called “fake news” has been around for ages as you said Tricia. I remember listening to Walter Cronkite and thinking he was telling me the truth about how things were in the world only to find out later that he was biased and a liar.

    But Old Walter was invited to all the NY and DC parties and was called “The Premier Newsman” by Dan Rather. Then old Dan stabbed Walter in the back and convinced the bosses to retire Walter so Dan could replace him. Dan had a better way to slant the news and lie with a straight face and make a lot of people believe him.

    Dan’s “fake news story” about President Bush was his undoing but the loyal press invented an award to give him as they showed him to the door.
    Guess the liar got too big headed and his lies got too hard to swallow so he had to go.

    The truth will come out sooner or later and the internet has made the truth and the lies come out sooner rather then later. All we have to do is separate fact from fiction. Lying is easy, it’s getting the truth that’s hard!


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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks Dennis for the detailed comment. I never knew the history between Cronkite and Rather, very interesting! Not surprising either as Dan Rather is a real snake.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family Dennis!


  5. If memory serves Tricia—Mr Rather was fired and discredited for his very public fabrication… or should we simply call it what it was and what it still is…a lie. As in “fake” news, this crazy phenomenon of the 21st century, is merely good ol fashioned lying…simply taken to an entire new level.
    There was a time we held folks in the public eye accountable…but accountability, along the truth, is sadly another victim of our surreal times…
    great posting Tricia—
    and on a happy note…Merry Christmas Tricia

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  6. Reblogged this on Thoughts on culture, politics and more and commented:
    Is it fake news or fake journalists? It is wise to consider the source and consider the bias that may clear. Jesus is the truth.

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  7. Your evidence makes it difficult to differentiate “fake news” from “real news.” They seem to overlap and are typically supported by the group it favors. The one news NOT mentioned is the REAL NEWS the media will NOT SHARE.

    I recently wrote an article that shared the fact that Robert Kennedy Jr. was informed he would NEVER be allowed on major media networks to reveal the information he uncovered on the topic of MERCURY in vaccinations.

    Not only do many networks share limited information supporting their biases, but they also avoid disclosing TRUTHFUL information that WILL impose the wrath of BIG INDUSTRIES threatening to reduce their advertising dollars. This point needs to be PROVEN over and over again to the consumer so they will come to see a TRUTH that threatens their belief in an HONEST GOVERNMENT. We point to the Russians for their “dishonest” participation in our election process, but quickly FORGET about our involvement in the “BUGGING” of Angela Merkel’s cell phone. We too are a DISHONEST NATION cloaking itself behind the “freedom of democracy.” Our moral and ethical indignation is insincere. We are as guilty as other nations, yet few of us would choose to live our lives anywhere else in the world.

    So, what’s next? Likely, more of the same. Apathy plays a big role in maintaining the status quo we face. This is the major reason we must continue to reveal ongoing REAL TRUTHS to the public. The more they face and experience the negative side of these REAL TRUTHS, the more they will (eventually) be willing to accept them and respond to them. Our recent presidential election is a good example of a nation exclaiming, “more of the same is no longer tolerable.”

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks Jonathan for your meaty comment. Full of things there, each worthy if their own post. Thanks for the link too, I”ll check it out later today, And yes, Apathy is a huge factor but things are changing as you say. Enough is enough!

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  8. I remember the fake news from the 1960’s when I would devoir the morning newspaper over breakfast and watch the Network News and all the talking head shows.

    Only in those days I didn’t know it was all fake.

    Our nation and its people have really been duped…

    …for a long, long time.

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  9. ‘Fake news’ is a camouflage description of one or the other or these two more precise descriptions.

    Lies or gossip

    In other words not reporting the truth,or spreading manure to fertilize
    leeches feeding on community trust.

    The civic and moral responsive purpose of journalism to provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing?

    Good post and information on a worthwhile subject that needs to be challenged. If interested,


    Regards, goodwill blogging,and Merry Christmas.

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