Election Day in America

“If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully keep all his commands that I am giving you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the world.” ~Deuteronomy 28:1

This quiet early morning finds me in Israel, 7,500 miles away from home and the craziness of election day and which I couldn’t be happier about.

To say it’s been a tumultuous year in American politics is an understatement.  Bizarre, wildly unexpected and insane are more what come to mind.  Some guilty pleasures involved too, as witnessing the rotted, status quo leadership of both parties finally realize it’s they themselves that the people with pitchforks are coming for has offered some deliciously satisfying moments.

Mostly though it’s been a depressing year of reminders that the majority of Americans do not want smaller government in their lives (both Republicans and Democrats), are more  fractured than ever in their political views and increasingly susceptible to emotional manipulation by politicians eager to exploit personal hardships for votes.

The election will resolve none of this.  Some very tough times lay ahead as ObamaCare continues to unravel, our ruinous national debt bills come due , and Iran, Russia and China become more prevalent on the world stage and hostile to U.S. interests.  Oh, there’s that Islmaofascist terrorism thing too.

It will be difficult for a people divided and fighting amongst themselves to face these challenges and it’s a sure bet our political leadership will feed off that and continue their demagoguery ways for the betterment of themselves over what’s right for the country.

Yup America has some dark corners waiting to be turned but there is something much more going on which brings me hope. The events happening now are part of a much bigger plan unfolding; the tectonic plate shifting merely the master chess player moving pieces in to place.  God has a plan that’s playing itself out  and whether we rise or fall is not in our power.

Spending time here in Jerusalem has reminded me of this.  It’s where God started it all and where His people continually repeated the cycle of rejecting Him and coming back, over and over and over again through much suffering.  Renewal always came though for those that came back and focused on far greater things.

Yes, we we are a divided people right now, but  we are called to a higher purpose. Fix your eyes on what’s important; your faith, relationships with family and friends, obeying the call to action when needed and all the pieces will eventually fall in to place.


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24 Responses to Election Day in America

  1. Wally Fry says:

    In Israel? Are you working or vacationing?

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  2. Julie says:

    Good post Tricia. Though I don’t necessarily read the success of a populist in the Republican party as meaning that a majority of Americans (Republicans and Democrats) do not want smaller government. I read it as Americans wanting a less smug, less elitist, less corrupt, less status-quo government; less Obamacare. I certainly want a smaller The first step in shrinking our government might be to break adhesions in order to remove the chunks.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks Julie, I agree with a lot of what you say and I know there are a a fair amount of Trump supporters who believe in limited government and the constitution. I know a fair amount that don’t though, enough to make me uncomfortable about what this new Republican party will end up as. We shall see though and as always, we expect the best but prepare for the worst. 😉

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  3. Julie says:

    *oops, I got into a discussion with my daughter as she was heading to the polls and I forgot that I was in the middle of editing a sentence. Should say I want a smaller government and I’m hoping the first step toward that goal will be the breaking of adhesions.

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  4. Happy Israel vacation! How wonderful for you.

    All will be well in America, at least for those of us who can keep our eyes on Jesus. The waves might get a bit bumpy,and “well” is a relative term, but basically all will be well. 🙂

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    • Tricia says:

      Thank you IB, it’s really amazing here, it’s almost too much to take all in! Hopefully I can flesh out a few posts from it though, there’s so much to tell.

      Yeah, all will be as it’s meant to be back in in the U.S.. 😉

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  5. What has me worried is that we are in the middle of the Third American Crisis.

    The first was the Colonies against the English Crown.

    The second was the anti-slavery vs slavery.

    The first crisis was resolved with the Revolutionary War in which in proportion to today’s population, would have seen American military deaths of 7,000,000.

    That was a blood bath.

    The second crisis was resolved with the Civil War, the most bloody war in American history.

    It’s hard to say how this Third American Crisis, the crisis of Progressivism will be resolved.

    But I suspect that if Trump has the resounding victory I think he is going to have, most major American cities will go up in smoke.

    With President Obama openly saying that illegal immigrants need to exercise their right as American citizens and vote, we are looking at nearly half the population of the United States (Democrat Party voters) and the federal government in open rebellion against the American republic.


  6. Dennis says:

    We have a choice today. Vote your conscience even if you do not agree with ALL of your candidates views. If you sit back and complain and do nothing then you have no “right” to complain.

    If we do nothing then the turmoil and fraud will continue until we have a dictator running our lives. We must continue to chip away at the fraud and abuse however small those chips may be until we accomplish our task. It will not happen overnight but when the established elite learn that Americans are fed up with their way of running over us, then they will either change or get voted out.

    Fear of losing their so called power is the one motivation that gets their attention and of course all the benefits they have voted for themselves is right up there with loss of power.

    I think God is laughing to Himself at our antics. Are we not fulfilling his Master Plan? He knows how all of this will play out and I don’t think it’s as bad as some might think. At least I hope not!

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    • Tricia says:

      Good thoughts there Dennis and as always, much appreciated I hope you know that my not voting for Trump doesn’t mean I am not doing “anything” to fight for what’s right.We just have different views on what that “right” means.

      Oh God is definitely laughing at us for sure! 😉


  7. Dennis says:

    Have a great vacation Tricia and take loads of pictures. Times are a changing all over the world!

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  8. ColorStorm says:

    Yay!, enjoy every minute over there Trish! You will certainly acquire a fresh appreciation for scripture. I’m jealous that you will miss all the ‘festivities’ of the American election…………..

    God got this of course. 😉 No surprises to Him.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thank you ColorStorm! And talk about fresh perspective, I most definitely have one already. To actually see the places talked about in the bible has been amazing….things are starting to make a lot more sense to me.

      Yeah you enjoy those festivities for the both of us! l)


  9. I know as a country we hear about the compromised lives of our political leadership, but do we SEE the truth and does it impact our lives enough to stand up and say “no more.” Are we willing to PEACEFULLY challenge a system more interested in maintaining itself or will we continue to COMPLAIN without ACTION and experience the same outcomes? It is NOT easy to create change. Whether we initiate it peacefully or wait for history to repeat itself, change is inevitable. I believe it is safer and more palatable to create an agenda that clearly defines the principles of change than to revolt as an anarchy without clearly defined goals. Either way, I believe one of these two options is our future.

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  10. I come here hat in hand, crawling on my belly like a reptile.

    President Donald Trump did not win by a landslide.

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  11. I appreciate this, T. How timely that Israel happened to lend perspective in such a time as this. “Nations rise and fall…” The earth is His footstool.

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