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I have been wanting to get a post out on Donald Trump for  awhile now, but have had little time to put something proper together. Well cue Keith DeHavelle and his excellent post below which states my thoughts exactly but with much better prose. Be sure to check out his site for the entire read, it’s well worth it!

Trump and the Establishment Trump is being touted as an “anti-Establishment” guy, an outsider. This sounds good in principle; the Republican Establishment (and the fact they they act more Establishment than Republican) has been deeply disappointing. But the Establishment types have based their actions on careers of being bought by special interests. Trump’s career is…

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9 Responses to DeHavelle on Trump

  1. Chris Warren says:

    I voted for Cruz in the primaries. He sounds like a TV preacher and I don’t think he would get too far pushing his agenda, but on principle he is the closest to what I believe in. As for Trump, well, I’m not a huge fan but I don’t hate him either. For whatever disaster he may be as President, it’s less of a disaster than Hillary. I will vote for him if he gets on the ticket this fall.

    I came across this analogy that fits my view of Trump perfectly:

    Your car breaks down in the middle of the New Mexico desert. There is not a service station for 50 miles. Then some creepy guy comes along in a rusty junk tow truck. He’s greasy, smelly, and unshaven. He’s obnoxious and curses a lot. He insults your wife and hits on your daughter. But he’s an top-shelf ace mechanic with decades of experience and he’s willing to fix your car.

    Suddenly another tow truck arrives. It is bright and new. The driver is in a clean, neat uniform and a complete gentleman. He too is willing to fix your car. Unfortunately, he’s also the guy that worked on your car last time, botched the job, and that’s why you’re broken down in the middle of the desert to begin with. He means well and is very polite, but this dude can’t put air in a tire without screwing it up.

    The question: Which guy do you want to work on your car?

    I don’t care if Trump is a narcissistic jerk. I don’t even care if he is in it for himself. All I care about is if he can do the job. He’s not an ideal savior, but he sure as hell is better than broiling in the desert.

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    • Tricia says:

      Ha, I really like your analogy there Chris! I feel the same way you do about Cruz not being electable in the general election. Heck I was originally for Rubio and Florina but I will have no issues voting for Cruz if this goes until end of June when CA finally gets to vote.

      The thing about Trump is I don’t believe at all he is an ace mechanic who will fix things, in fact he may even blow up your vehicle just to prove a point.

      Regardless of what happens, things are sure interesting right now. Great time to be alive! 😉

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    • Citizen Tom says:


      I would like to agree, but we judge people on their appearances for a reason. Clothes don’t make the man, but character does matter. How we dress and behave is usually a reflection of our character. Therefore, consider this question: What are the odds that some creepy guy who is too lazy to clean himself up, who is obnoxious and curses a lot, insults your wife, and hits on your daughter is going to be a top-shelf ace mechanic with decades of experience?

      In the movies we will see some creepy looking guy with a foul mouth and bad manners surprise us with a heart of gold. In the movies we will find that the clean, neat, gentleman is incompetent, but that tells us more about the delusions of the people who make such movies than it does reality. Unfortunately, it is too easy to confuse the movies with reality.

      The Bible speaks of an angel of light. On occasion we cannot rightly judge based upon appearances, but that is what makes an angel of light so dangerous. That is why we must seek to be wise and put our trust where it belongs. That is why we must check beneath the cover of a book if we need to know what is in it.

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  2. Dennis says:

    Read the article you referenced. The guy makes a lot of good points regarding Trump. Trump is a businessman for good or bad and we (the general public) have always said we should have a businessman as President instead of a career politician. Now our chance comes along and a lot of folks are having second thoughts. Romney failed and he was a businessman. The liberals and the press tore his business credentials to shreds, except for saving the Olympics of course.

    Cruz has been my guy since the beginning and I will stick with him until he is eliminated. He is the only candidate I have sent my hard earned money to and I did that the first time he ran for the Senate. He is very smart and can run rings around anyone he debates and has some very good ideas on how to fix the country. Do I like every one of them 100%? No. But I don’t like ANY OF HILLARY’S ideas either. The only thing Sanders had going for him was to appeal to the “give me” generation. His initials say it all as a politician.

    It’s going to be interesting these next few months. I expect a wild ride.

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  3. It’s great that people like you and Keith are out there questioning, dare I say, The Donald the Great.

    At my own place I have been doing a series on how to use natural law theory (the traditional Western way of reasoning) to determine truth or falsehood.

    Donald Trump was examined and found wanting (sucking wind, actually).

    Here is a link to an intro on natural law theory with sweet little animals as our instructors:

    Since you are an animal lover (especially of the cat variety) you might enjoy this no end.

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    • Tricia says:

      Donald the Great, noooooo! 😉 Great post you linked too, I enjoyed it very much as well as your other insightful posts. Looks like you are just a big a sucker for stray animals as I am….


  4. I believe we will see Clinton and Trump as the two representatives for President. I have heard both parties for 40+ years discuss the same issues without resolution. The word campaigning represents an approach to outlining measures that will achieve a party’s platform. When was the last successful platform achieved?
    It is my opinion a vote for Clinton is basically a vote for more of what we have. A vote for Trump is a vote for the “Unknown.” I am not a fan of either candidate, but for change to occur, it requires a level of discomfort.
    When the Affordable Health Care Act was passed, is created serious complications (which still exist today) to a health care system that was already overly expensive and under effective. I supported it, not for its merits, but in recognition that change was needed. Over the next “X” number of years, this system will undergo modifications to correct current imbalances making it more cost effective and (hopefully) improving the quality of care offered.
    I look at this election as an extension of needed change. If Trump wins, it will show the current elitists a grass roots strengthening they were not expecting. It will shake up future elections for congress as well. This might not be a bad outcome for a system in desperate need of change.
    Maybe we won’t have to listen to the same platforms for the next 40+ years. Instead, maybe this process will allow our country to undergo a metamorphosis leading to REAL CHANGE with real vision and possibilities for future generations to benefit from.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks as always Jonathan (or is it Jonathon?) for another insightful comment. I could not agree with you more that change is needed and that Trump will certainly bring more of it than Hillary. While I also fear he will do a lot of perhaps unrepairable damage, my bigger concern is the tipping point I believe we are at an the lost opportunity we face with Trump or Clinton at the helm. This election determines (in my opinion) whether we start righting the ship back towards a constitution based government based on freedom and empowering the individual, or we seal our fate on the road to statism; where bureaucracy, cronyism and the politically connected thrive at our expense. Trump or Clinton will keep us on the same road to nowhere.

      On the plus side I would pay money to see Trump debate Hillary! 😉

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