The Crybullying Narcissist

I used to think President Obama’s narcissism played a central role in the severe divisiveness that’s tearing this country apart and that getting someone new in office would offer relief, even if not from my preferred political party.

I’ve changed my mind after reading Daniel Greenfield’s brilliant Youmerica post from his excellent Sultan Knish blog. Don’t get me wrong, Obama’s pettiness in dealing with those that disagree with him, his shallow strawman arguments and inability to admit mistakes has caused enormous damage we will be lucky to undue.

The problem doesn’t stem from President Obama though, it comes from our own narcissist culture that elected him; twice no less! It now also looks likely we will replace one Narcissist in Chief for another via either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

The nastiness and vitriol will continue under either candidate of course, spiraling in to unknown territories of misery.

Greenfield further explains,

   “As individual virtues and social compacts break down, selfish squabbles escalate. Tribalism turns into legal civil war. Laws become the means by which one group imposes its will on the other and by which one man seizes the property of another. The people come to view the system with   contempt. All virtues and principles are abandoned as neighbor turns on neighbor in resentment and hatred.

   Our society has cultivated narcissism as its highest virtue. Even liberalism has become condensed to an identity politics of narcissism in which each victim gets to talk about their feelings for fifteen minutes before crybullying for someone’s head. Political discourse has become an exchange of feelings. And unlike contradictory ideas, clashing feelings of entitlement cannot be resolved.”

Give the entire article a read; it’s highly enlightening if not a bit depressing in its accuracy.  He nails so much of what’s going on in our country and why it feels like something important and central to its core is rapidly unraveling.

America is steeped in victimization and entitlement, which politicians actively feed off of. Pit citizen against citizen, create an “enemy” to blame for all of life’s woes and elect me to save “us” from “them.”

I would say we deserve better but really we don’t. A society that rejects its constitutional founding and keeps its eyes wide shut to truth gets exactly the leaders it deserves.

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19 Responses to The Crybullying Narcissist

  1. Big fan of Mr. Greenfield. His assessment that “clashing feelings of entitlement cannot be resolved” is spot on. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. madblog says:

    We have indeed devolved into tribalism. This is spot on. We won’t likely have any options from now on who aren’t megalomaniacal lawless narcissists. Obama was just #1.

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  3. Ah yes, well said! Thanks for linking to it. I grew up among narcissists, so I am intimately acquainted with the problem. Bit triggering to watch the whole country go down that path, however 😉

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  4. Dennis says:

    One of the root problems of this lawless narcissists is the government is paying 47% of the population to sit on their butts and make a living (and in some cases more then a living wage). Once the “takers” see that their future is stagnant for all practical purposes, they look for ways to improve their situation which of course will not change their non-work situation. Politicians are big on promises but have almost reached the limit on how much of a burden they can place on the “working class”.
    Mr Greenfield makes a good point but identifying the problem is only half of the solution. We must continue to sort out the good politicians from the “professional politicians” and eliminate the latter from the governing process and put an end to the “freeloaders,” which by the way, includes the members of Congress who have built themselves a lifetime retirement funded by the taxpayer.

    Until the American People quit buying into the notion that government is the answer to all their problems we will be hamstrung by the megalomaniac lawless narcissists. That is until we descend into lawlessness and are no longer governed by a constitution but by the strongest gang.

    In the meantime choose a politician that you think will do the most to bring us back from the edge and continue to vote for those candidates that will continue the fight to make changes for the betterment of the American people instead of their own wealth.

    Get armed, get trained and buy a weapon of your choice to defend yourself and your loved ones!

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  5. David Ross says:

    I can’t watch! The riots are a coming!

    I need to reread Tocqueville’s Democracy in America again. How did he know?

    Thanks and no thanks for the article’s. I need to go plant my head in the ground again!

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  6. Al says:

    While Presidential narcissism is new (thanks, Barry) the premise of liberalism has been with us since FDR. Basically, it goes like this: “vote for me and I’ll take it from someone else and give it to you.” Put another way; setting obstacles toward ambition and rewarding sloth. It’s really no more complicated than that.

    While Trump may be a narcissist (and boy is he ever), I doubt if you’ll see him on the entitlement train anytime soon. If he stops the entitlement/victimization/divisiveness avalanche started by “the one we have been waiting for”, that alone is worth a vote.

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    • Tricia says:

      So true Al, this has been going on for eons and the results of turning away from self sufficiency and towards govt dependence have been tragic, especially for minorities. Yet conservatives get called heartless for wanting to interrupt this cycle of despondency, not to mention bankruptcy!

      I don’t see Trump adding to entitlements but I don’t see him reforming them either, which is drastically needed. If we’re lucky though he may dismantle Obamacare.

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  7. jncthedc says:

    It seems to me we have “grown” into greater divisiveness by believing there is only one path to follow to restoring our nation. People and politicians no longer discuss issues; they profess the “truth” everyone else must believe and follow. There is combativeness and deafness as everyone talks at the same time trying to force others to hear rather than patiently listening themselves. There are few things in life where only one path achieves positive outcomes. Until we are willing to create committees made up of various ideologies and philosophies and mandate solutions BEFORE these committees are entitled to adjourn for holidays and vacations, we will continue to face the same inept political incompetence with new leaders at the helm.

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    • Tricia says:

      Oh so true Jonathan about our collective inability to talk issues. The demonization that goes on because a person holds a particular political stance is demoralizing and just further encases us in our respective ideological camps.

      I think too, as you mention frequently in your blog, people are looking for someone else to save them from things they could do on their own. Politicians absolutely love this. Grrrrr.

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  8. Obama is certainly a symptom of what ails us, not the cause; the dumbing down and moral degradation of the citizenry is the root problem. As eager as I am (and have been for almost eight years) to see Obama leave the presidency, the fact that he was elected to that office — twice! — makes me think the odds of this country choosing a successor who’s any better are slim. Since the voters learned nothing from the disaster that was Obama’s first term, is it likely that they have learned anything during his second?

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