Christmas Joy Does Not Involve a To Do List

Thought I’d reblog myChristmas post from last year since I’m starting to get that frenzied feeling again.

Freedom Through Empowerment


Every year about this time it happens.  I can only procrastinate for so long before it dawns on me that I’m down to days, not weeks, to get all my shopping done, decorations put up, gifts wrapped, menus planned and guests invited.  Attending holiday parties and trying to close out these last few days at work before the big day only adds to the pressure and soon enough I’m in a frenzy, feeling both invigorated and impossibly exhausted at once, having been completely sucked in to the consumer vortex of Christmas time in America.

A beach walk and a pause to remember  what this season is all about helps ground me.  Celebrating the birth of Christ should be an immensely spiritual time and focusing on that helps free my soul to drop the importance of checking off my to do list and just do what He came here to do…

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4 Responses to Christmas Joy Does Not Involve a To Do List

  1. Dennis says:

    No need to get in a frenzy over last minute gifts, Seven Eleven has a great selection and CVS is always good for those last minute presents! You can find some real bargains on Christmas Day too and don’t forget the 75% off on 2015 calendars! Great stocking stuffers.

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    • Tricia says:

      Yes, Dennis, 7/11 gifts, perfect for my teenage nephews! I wonder if they still have their nachos made with some type of orangey cheese like substance? I could box it up and put it under the tree. Thanks for your always helpful advice! 😉


  2. jncthedc says:

    Take a deep breath and remember what these holiday seasons are all about. This will help ground you and help you glide through unscathed. Have a very healthy and happy holiday season.

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