The Truth of The Matter

This post continues on the theme of truthfulness that ColorStorm initiated with his brilliant post, Two cents can bring a change that touches on the deepness of God’s word and how it is always “reliable, verifiable and truthful”.  As ColorStorm states,” too many today fail to acknowledge the creator behind all that is accomplished.  We laud the architecture of European castles and the estate of Bill Gates, yet we fail to see how they pale in comparison to the implanted nature and engineering of a spider’s web, or the roots of a tree, or the fanning strut of the male turkey, given freely by He who made all things.”

Indeed, take a simple sunrise which is not so simple really. Brilliant colors perfectly painted by a Creator at exactly the right time each and every day?  Or just a random scientific reaction of sunlight scattered about by the earth’s atmosphere?  Who is behind the scattering and who commands it to happen every  morning?  Yes, science explains the phenomenon but who created the laws behind the science?

Citizen Tom builds on this in his excellent post, OH HOW WE CHERISH THEY WHOSE WORDS ARE SURE, taking ColorStorm’s devastatingly accurate statement that, a  “man’s word changes like a chameleon depending on what is convenient, and the handshake to most is merely a courtesy” and tying it in with our political leaders and how miserably they fail to live up to the oaths they give upon entering office to uphold and protect the Constitution.

In Citizen Tom’s words, “Why are these oaths significant? When the Constitution was written, Americans still took pride in their word being taken as their bond. To defend their honor, which they regarded as sacred, they understood they must support the Constitution with a full regard to the original intent of the men who wrote it. They could not pretend the Constitution is a living document. They could not act as though the Constitution says whatever they wished it to say. If they had given their word to support Constitution, then they were bound by their honor to support it.”

Citizen Tom then looks at today’s politicians and notes how far they’ve strayed from these principles and goes on to connect this directly with distance from the Bible and the truth of God’s word.

Indeed.  Not only are we denying the central truths behind what sustains us politically, culturally and economically, but we allow our leaders to openly lie to about it. The major building blocks of society are crumbling and yet we keep electing people who will play along with our various charades of denial, hoping to never face the music.

This is easiest to see in the shameful structure of government entitlement programs, which are going bust and will require massive benefit cuts and tax hikes if left unaltered. We all know this, yet those calling for responsible reform to make them sustainable and perhaps steer people towards self sufficiency are called “heartless” and “selfish”.  Yet there are others who wish to DO NOTHING and who are LAUDED for this even though it will lead to the eventual collapse of these programs and much misery.  No truths here, only false promises that too many mistake for compassion.

And if the government can spend zillions of dollars it doesn’t have, well why not pass this falsehood down to individuals?  People are in debt up to their eyeballs on credit cards, student loans, mortgages, car payments etc…, yet homes are filled with the latest Apple products, flat screen tv’s and luxury cars.  I’d never knock a person for buying things they can afford, but with over 60% of Americans having less than $1,000 in savings, it’s hard not to see a rude awakening happening soon.  I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today doesn’t work in the real world unfortunately and you will never win a battle with math. Again the truth loses here

Culturally too we are a hot mess of untruth. We feed young women and teens the lie that sleeping around is somehow empowering.  We allow children who are confused about their sexuality and wishing to change genders to permanently mutilate their bodies, hoping this will somehow “fix” things. We pretend the word euthanasia somehow means something other than state sanctioned suicide. We encourage dependency on the government as if it’s a good thing and our national pastime has become playing the victim and being perpetually offended.

Truth, justice and the American way have become lost words to a society too embarrassed by itself to stick up for what’s right and defend the very values that made this country great.

There is much  spiritual rot here in this place we find ourselves in, where words mean their opposite, up is down, the good suffer and the bad thrive.  What to do then but turn to the only thing that’s reliable, verifiable and truthful as ColorStorm would say?  Each and every morning the promise of a new beginning is freely given with the dawn of a new day. Grasp it and the truths that lay behind it.   Wake up sleepy head and look up to something larger.


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30 Responses to The Truth of The Matter

  1. Wally Fry says:

    Nice nice Tricia. May I share this.? I am glad I have friends who write about the political issues so thanks

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  2. Ahh, that was just lovely and precisely what I needed to read today. Wake up and look up, wise words indeed. 🙂

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  3. ColorStorm says:

    Hey trish

    I mentioned to C-tom, and now you, that you carry posts to another level. It is awesome seeing the water levels rise and spill over the banks, in a good way, with no flooding 😉

    The connections of posts and people that simply build and encourage in knowledge and faith is good stuff. Loved your idea here about the science, but Who created and upholds the laws behind it. So true, like the rainbow. Behind it all is God.

    And as you allude too, His word is good, so unlike our wishy washy political leaders, who should feel remorse for broken oaths; instead they are yes sadly, Lauded.

    And I cracked up about Wimpy and the Tuesday payment 😉 😉

    Anyway, great post here tricia, and appreciate the mention. Word press is super in general, even with its flaws, but spectacular in that we can hook up with so many awesome people. All the best.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks ColorStorm and really I was just building on the awesome words from you and Citizen Tom. Really true what you say here on the WP connections, so glad I’m a part of it. And who can resist a good Wimpy reference! 😉

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  4. jncthedc says:

    A powerful, emotional and energetic piece calling for the need of introspection as well as action. Finding oneself by returning to the principles our country was founded on would likely be a good starting point. This is the type of writing more people need to be exposed to. Well done!

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  5. Citizen Tom says:

    Thank you for the link. It is always a pleasure and an honor to be cited by a talented writer such as yourself. However, what is more important is that we honor our Lord with our words and deeds, and the example you have set makes that all the easier.

    Thanks again, and bless you.

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  6. Chris Warren says:

    I loved this! It reflects the “Thoughtful, Positive, Relevant” theme of my own blog.

    Unfortunately, I think most of the people who read your blog don’t need to “wake up” as they already are. And those who need to grab a clue won’t pay attention and put themselves through the discomfort of admitting you are right.

    Very nicely done.

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  8. atimetoshare says:

    Was introduced to your blog through Wally Fry. It looks like I’ll be checking in on you from time to time. Shared ideas!!

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  9. Arkenaten says:

    …the estate of Bill Gates, yet we fail to see how they pale in comparison to the implanted nature and engineering of a spider’s web, or the roots of a tree, or the fanning strut of the male turkey, given freely by He who made all things.”

    I admire Mother Nature every day, as my blog is usually testament to.
    I also respect it immensely which is why I do not eat animal flesh. Do you and some of your fellow believers admire and respect your god’s creation so much that you eat some of the sentient creatures ”he” made?
    I also admire the entrepreneurial skills and philanthropic work of Bill Gates who donates and invests billions to the upliftment of his fellow man. Which is a damn sight more than the average church does.

    Truth, justice and the American way have become lost words to a society too embarrassed by itself to stick up for what’s right and defend the very values that made this country great.

    And these values, included the decimation of the Native Americans and Slavery. Nice one!

    We feed young women and teens the lie that sleeping around is somehow empowering.

    Really? You do this? I never did, and certainly not to my daughter. I have never read that sleeping around is an empowering thing especiallywith HIV/AIDS rampant.
    I guess this a Christian thing then as a great many young people who succumb to such dire problems are so often from poorer backgrounds where backward religious dogma is hammered into them.

    There is much spiritual rot here in this place we find ourselves in …

    Yes, and a lot of that rot is because of religion. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the extreme over in Syria and ISIS.
    Look at the way your a’hole presidential candidates present themselves’ their ”godliness” is always presented up front. Look at Trump. It’s enough to make a sane man gag.

    Take a big leaf out of the books of people like Gates and Branson. Humanity does not need more gods. We need less.
    In fact , we don’t need any.


    • Wally Fry says:

      Hey Ark. Right above the line where you put your comment? Did you see this?

      Respectful comments always welcome.

      Why don’t you try having a conversation with a person that doesn’t jump right to pointing out how messed up, stupid, evil, and delusional that person is? Try that, see how it works

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      • Arkenaten says:

        Oh, I amdreadfully sorry, Wally, was there something untruthful or errant in my comment?
        Even Jesus of Nazareth told it like it was now and then.So,if it was good enough for him then it sure as Gehenna is good enough for me.
        I don’t recall using the words stupid, evil or delusional in my comment either.


        • Tricia says:

          Ark, there is a lot of untruth and errancy in your comment but I know this doesn’t matter to you. Your purpose, as always, is to disrupt and there’s absolutely no point in engaging with someone like that. You’ve probably noticed a lot of others have stopped responding to you for the same reason.

          I will let it stand though as it reveals a lot I think about a heart that’s closed off to a deeper understanding of things. I pray that heart melts one day to make room for a bit of sunlight, a bit of joy, a bit of compassion and humbleness and a lot of Him.

          Have a lovely day.

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      • Tricia says:

        Oh I’m sure he saw it Wally but either doesn’t understand the meaning or how to be it. More likely it’s both. He does however do unchanging and rigid quite well, somethings never change…;)

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        • ColorStorm says:

          Mr ark writes:

          —Religion nor any form of god-belief has ever aided the economic or political stability well being of a nation. It is, by and large, dictatorial and divisive – —

          Let’s have a look see at one small example of this myopic observation.

          Economics. Chick-Filet. God-belief. Well being.

          Here is a company founded by a good man which has prospered and has been a steady source of employment for countless people. The employees can actually string words together to make a sentence while they sincerely appreciate a patron’s business.

          In addition, a customer need not be forced to look into the eyes of an employee who is clad with nose rings, eye rings, mouth rings, tongue rings, and who cannot add two plus two,. Stability. Well being, but sure, no Godly influence here, with one day of the week closed for business. And the company prospers. Go figure.

          If it is deemed ‘divisive,’ it is by they who see fault in goodness. Btw, ‘religion’ is a ‘form’ to some, but it is not a twin to the truth of God as some mistake.

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  10. Al says:

    Again, Tricia, dead on about today’s politicians and society in general. My only complaint is you didn’t use any vituperative like I would have. But then you’re a nicer person than me. Besides, anyone who quotes Wimpy is OK in my book.

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    • Tricia says:

      Lol Al! Believe me, plenty of salty language conversations go on in my head, sometimes it’s been known to pop out. Yup, it’s always safe to go with a Wimpy quote…;)


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