Scaredy Cat


Death by spider is definitely not on my list of preferred ways to exit this world and chances are pretty slim, I hope, it would ever go down this way. Except, I’ve seen a lot of spiders in my yard lately, spinning crazy webs like the one above, which of course gets me thinking.

What if that old wives’ tales about spider eggs laid inside the cheek are true and not only do a gazillion little baby spiders hatch in my mouth, but I choke on them and die? That is if I don’t keel over from the sheer horror of having gobs of spiders pour out of my mouth first.  I think BuzzFeed ran a story about a girl his happened to, so of course it could happen to me too, right?

Or perhaps not. It’s far more likely that my required payment for buying the proverbial farm will be by shark rather than spider. I’m an avid snorkeler you see and am often found flopping about in mask and fins at the marine preserve near me. God sure does provide a nod to creativity with His sea creatures and I have yet to end a snorkel session feeling anything less than astounded by their sheer beauty.

Without fail though, a moment will arise when I become very aware of my complete and utter lack of defense should I happen upon a shark. Logical thought then takes flight and I’m soon convinced that this will be the one in a million time where a Great White enters the preserve and promptly has me for lunch.

Shark Above!

A playful sea lion recently took full advantage of one such moment, by swimming just below me while waving (purposely taunting I’m convinced) his fin. Have you ever screamed SHARK while breathing through a snorkel underwater? Let me tell you the resulting backwash of saltwater gushing down your windpipe is no pleasant thing, nor realizing that awful and pathetic, garbled choking sound is coming from you.Seal

Of course I hightailed it back to dry land, shamelessly pushing small children aside as I made my way to safety and then promptly retelling my “shark tale” to anyone nearby. Funny that the sea lion got bigger and myself braver with each telling.

Truth be told, were I to meet an untimely demise, I’m convinced my cat will be responsible.  He purposefully darts in front of me when I’m either walking down cement steps, or as I’m heading up my brick walkway with arms full of packages I’m bringing in from the car.Kitty

“Kitty” came upon my doorstep 7 years ago, homeless, hungry and infested with fleas. I begrudgingly took him in and have since spent a small fortune on medicine, food, vet visits, toys he ignores and pet sitters. I opened my heart, home and wallet for him and in return he tries to crack my skull open. I’m told that’s just how cats are.

Oh sure, sometimes he is very loving, but always on his terms and only when he feels like it. He is manipulative and emotionally abusive, I know, but my co dependent need to feel wanted keeps me around. Plus I love him to pieces now.

Of course it’s a pointless task to ponder one’s grand exit from life. As the saying goes, no one leaves this earth alive and to worry about how or when it will happen brings no good. This sign I have hanging in my garden reminds me to “enjoy the little things.”.  Yes, take comfort and joy in the present moment, the people and things around you now, there’s much value there.  Just beware of the cat.


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25 Responses to Scaredy Cat

  1. jncthedc says:

    Animal lovers know the weakness you’ve identified. They become an important part of our lives. They also have a relaxing effect even if yours is apparently planning your demise (with its “darting” technique.)
    You also appear to have a passion for underwater activity. There are so many benefits including exercise, experiencing nature and the peaceful tranquility being in the water.
    Finding joyful activities in life is important. It will help enrich your life and improve your quality of living.

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  2. LOL! Very cute post. Sharks are easy to deal with, you just punch them in the nose. Their snouts are very sensitive and they don’t like it. I had shark self defense training a few times and seriously, that is what they tell you. Of course, their nose is very close to their teeth, which is always problematic. There is also the thing about women not having great upper body strength or the ability to throw a punch hard enough to discourage a shark, but it’s always worth a try.

    I recently got into a death match with a four inch rainbow trout, does that help at all? 😉

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    • Tricia says:

      Seriously, you took shark self defense training? I am duly impressed IB and equally so with your conquering a rainbow trout! I have heard that about punching a shark in the nose, I’m not at all convinced I’d have the guts to actually do it. Guess you never know till you’re in the thick of it, as I’m sure you were with that trout. 😉

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  3. Wally Fry says:

    I hate spiders. And that is very ironic since I spend much of my life under houses and in attics, which are simply overrun with the little buggers.

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  4. Greatly enjoyed this Tricia. WOW, I have never tried snorkelling, but I hope to sometime. I’m pretty much in the middle of the continent, but if I ever get to the ocean again, I would love to do this. I guess anywhere there is ocean, there “could” be sharks. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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    • Tricia says:

      You should definitely try it if you get the chance Carl, it’s just a whole other world down there thats fascinating to explore. Kinda tough though I agree when you’re not near an ocean. 😉 Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday.

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  5. Al says:

    For me it’s snakes. Just can’t stand them critters. Damn Eve!

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  6. Julie says:

    That was a very enjoyable read Tricia. I have tons of spider webs in my yard right now, too. With really big, fat, ugly spiders hanging out in them. The hub says they’re just garden spiders but they look creepy and menacing and I give them a wide berth. My little beagle walked right through one of them the other day and ended up with a spider on her tail. The good news: They trap flies before they can get in my house. And I HATE FLIES!

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    • Tricia says:

      Well thanks Julie and yes I’ve got those webs too all over! The photo is of one right over my front door, blech. That is good to know about spiders eating flies. Like all creatures, they have their purpose too.

      Hope you’re well.


      • Julie says:

        I didn’t realize YOU took that photo. Yikes. I have one a lot like it, though not quite as big, with the same type of spider in the center over one of my kitchen windows. I go out there periodically and blast it away with the jet setting on my hose’s nozzle, but it doesn’t take him long to rebuild. Oh well.

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  7. Dennis says:

    Love to snorkel! Have been doing it for years off and on. Off the coast of Subic Bay the Philippians is better then Florida except maybe around the Keys.

    My oldest son has gotten into building a Hookah diving system and is testing it out in his pool along with his boys. It’s neat and not too expensive if you do it yourself but you have to make sure you get the right gear. I’ll try it out as soon as they work all the bugs out. So far everything is great. You can stay down longer then scuba without sucking salt water thru the tube or cumbersome tanks.
    I’ve never been afraid in the water and have been around a lot of “killer fish”. I always dive with a partner and make sure they are smaller then me so I can push them in front of the dangerous fish and make a quick getaway!

    I encourage hornets to nest around my house. If they are not around doors or windows they have free range. They kill spiders.

    We have a “neighborhood cat” whose name is Chief. He’s from OK and belongs to some folks across the street who brought him back. He has much the same personality as your cat but does not try to get underfoot. I trapped a feral cat and relocated him to a more affluent area along with two possums and two skunks. I like the foxes so I don’t trap them. We used to have a lot of bunnies but the foxes took care of them. The bunnies ate new flowers and plants so it was nice that the foxes took them out. Cycle of life.

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    • Tricia says:

      Good tips Dennis on picking a smaller scuba partner to block the dangerous fish! I was certified awhile but it got to be very claustrophobia for me so I stick to the snorkeling with occasional free diving. Let me know how the hookah thing works out. Is that similar to snuba where you descend with an attached hose? Wise move to have your grandkids be the guinea pigs first. Lol!

      Poor bunnies but yes, cycle of life.


  8. Clever and very funny, Tricia!

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  9. LOL That cat does look like it might be the end of me.

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  10. sarahadele628 says:

    In some seasons of life, “enjoying the little things” is what helps you push through! Thanks for your thoughts Tricia!

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