To Those That Gave All

As we celebrate Memorial Day here in America, I thought it appropriate to share this touching tribute to the men and women who fought so bravely to birth and protect this amazing country of ours. They paid the ultimate sacrifice and we enjoy the fruits, which is horribly unfair and can never be repaid.  All we can do is remember and be forever grateful.

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3 Responses to To Those That Gave All

  1. Ahh, lovely tribute.

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  2. Dennis says:

    Great writing.
    I often wonder why we don’t remember our Fallen Heroes all year long. We should keep them in our prayers every day not just the day we have set aside for remembrance. After all they died so that we can be free all year, not just one day of the year.
    The whole matter comes home more if you’ve been there rather then just read about it. War is hell and the daily sacrifices of members of the Armed Forces are many and most go unreported in peace time and war time.

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