How I Learned To Live Drama-Free

Some good advice here on putting the kibosh to self created drama….

A Mindful Chatterbox

I used to be a person who created uproar. Not intentionally–in fact, nine times out of ten I did not realize that I was doing it. I would always wonder why I could not get away from so much turmoil. Everywhere I turned was a  problem. I changed friends, jobs, schools, partners, homes, cars, cities, states…you name it, I tried to change it. Unfortunately, I created even more upheaval with every external change, never at peace.

There came a day when I finally realized that I WAS the drama. From the way I responded to people to the way I approached any given situation, I actively produced the drama that I claimed to hate so much. When I admitted to myself that I was the problem, I set about fixing it. The process was really easy–on paper. But the more I practiced these tips I am sharing with you, the…

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