In Defense of Freedom


Of course we all “are Charlie” when it comes to free speech, right? Especially here in BlogLand where words are bled every moment of every day on to screens around the world. Stories needing to be told, opinions meant for dissection, cries for help from the soul, all straight from the hearts of writers wanting to express their thoughts.

Obviously not all blog posts are agreeable to everyone, in fact some are downright vile and nasty. This is ok as the right to offend others along with the right to be offended is a basic building block of freedom, without which a society cannot advance. It’s how ideas get expressed, debated and built upon and eventually strung through the DNA of its populace to become part of its identity. To silence another because of an expressed thought, is to destroy a part of civilization; a step backwards in time to where only the strong rule and individuals are powerless.

Here in America and in most parts of the Western world, we tend to take free speech for granted. We no longer have this option. Those with poisoned ideologies know that free speech is our most potent weapon and will go to great lengths to destroy it. Speak out now in memory of the Charlie Hebdo magazine victims, for your right to freedom of expression and in defense of a civilized world

Yes, nous sommes tous Charlie now.

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6 Responses to In Defense of Freedom

  1. La Panzona {Pahn.So.Nuh} says:

    Reminds me of the Quebec licence plate. It reads: Je me souviens (I remember). Often I think Organized Religion and its practices cause more harm than good 😦


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