Because Freedom Means Something

Senator Tom Coburn, R -Oklahoma, who is retiring come January gave a farewell speech that epitomizes my thoughts on political freedom and why it’s so important.  Here’s an excerpt….

“I think about my father. He had a fifth-grade education. A great believer in our country. He wouldn’t recognize it today. The loss of freedom that we have imposed by the arrogance of an all too powerful central government, ignoring the wisdom and writing of Founders that said: Above all, we must protect the liberty of the individual, and recognize that liberty is given as a God-given right. So my criticism isn’t directed personally. It’s because I purely believe that freedom gains us more than anything we can plan up here. And I know not everybody agrees with me, but the one thing I do know is that our Founders agreed with me. They’d studied this process before. They knew what happens when you dominate from a central government.”

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