Bad JuJu vs Being Grateful

Max Lucado has a wonderful book out called Before Amen.  It’s about how to get closer to God by being simple and humble with prayer.  If you’re a non believer,  please  don’t be turned off as his advice is spot on with how to live a happy and fulfilled life, no matter what your religious beliefs, if any, are.  Whether you’re searching for answers on a more enriching prayer life, or just on how to live better, I highly recommend it. It’s a good read showing how God specializes in the ordinary.

One chapter outlines a key concept of joy, which is being grateful for what you have, no matter how small. Max recommends writing out a list of things in A to Z format. This is hugely gratifying and can be done in minutes!  Here’s mine, won’t you please do the same? It’s fun to compare what others value in life and helps us all appreciate what’s important.

A: Apples that I eat every day that give me energy and nutrients.

B: Boys (now men of course) for as much as the male sex frustrates and confounds me  (yes, we ladies are just as confused as you men), I’m very glad to share the planet with you, to love, learn and grow with.

C: Champagne, need I say more?

D: Dogs, God spelled backwards of course, they are truly gifts of pure joy.

E: Enchanted, which brings on the magical possibilities of life.

F: Fear, because finding the strength to face whatever scares us makes us stronger.

H: Ho, Ho, Ho because getting in the Christmas spirit, whether I feel it or not,  makes me smile.

I: incognito, I  spend a lot of time in airports and one of my favorite things to do is people watch while remaining hidden.  Does this make me weird? Probably but it keeps my wildly entertained which I’m eternally thankful for.

J: Jack, the names of my grandpa, dad, brother and nephew who I love to pieces.

K: Kale, Ok that’s weird, I know but I really do like kale. It’s cheap too and good for you.

L: Lights, especially the one that brightens my path in the middle of the night to the bathroom.

M: Money, It would be a big fat lie if I didn’t mention how much I appreciate the resources God has entrusted to me.

O: Ostrichs, they are such funny looking animals, it’s hard not to appreciate them.

P: Patricia, my full name and is after nobody in my family I am aware of, but for some reason am thankful for.

Q: Quantum Physics, where would we be without this?

R: Rhodesian Ridgebacks, beautiful dogs, whom the world would be a much lesser place without.

Tiger: My big fat cat who only loves me when it’s convenient for him but who I am thrilled decided to finally  adopt me.

U: Underwater, as there are few things  more special to me than exploring the creatures beneath the sea.

V: V is the name of the assisted living place my parents live in and to who I am forever grateful to for the care and love they provide to them.

W: The word WOW, because sometimes that’s all there is to say.

X: X rays which have saved  countless lives, my own for sure.

Y: The word “yes”…. Because of all the possibilities it gives….

Z: Zoos, but only well run ones, for the conservation and safe place for animals they provide

Being thankful peels back the layers. Do it and feel the shift!

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5 Responses to Bad JuJu vs Being Grateful

  1. La Panzona {Pahn.So.Nuh} says:

    Unfortunately I’m not into politics at all, but I am into A-Z challenges. ¡Bravo! Well-done. 🙂


  2. Awesome list! The “Boys” entry was funny as well as enlightening; I thought women had men all figured out. And the “Fear” entry is so true.

    Anyway, you inspired me to make a list of my own. I’m posting it on my blog. I’ll mention you, ’cause I always give credit to where credit is due. 😉


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