Exposing Your Inner Dictator

When you watch kids argue you might hear something like “well you’re a big fat poopy head and I want you to go away forever!” One child is upset at the other but not being able to articulate anything remotely resembling a sound and logical reason as to why, will inevitably blurt something out like that.

It’s akin to what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did during an interview at the recent People’s Climate March in NYC where he suggested there should be laws to put climate change skeptics in jail and accused the Koch brothers of treason.

It’s amusing to watch and easy to shrug off as just another preachy celebrity saying stupid things but there’s more there, there. RFK Jr. embodies an increasingly tyrannical arm of the environmental movement that threaten our freedoms in very subtle and at the same time large ways.

This type of fanaticism allows no gray areas. We are headed for a man caused climate disaster and nothing short of an energy industry takeover with an enormous explosion in regulations and massive wealth transfers from first to third world countries will stop it from happening. Case closed, done! I believe most people are not this extreme; they want what’s good for our planet but understand it’s a complicated issue. They also realize how insane the idea of hauling people off to jail for political opinions is in our free society.

The problem is these minority far out views are what makes news and influences policy. Several books could be written as to why this is but for today’s purpose let’s just say it’s a disturbing trend. Enacting changes such as the EPA’s proposed ruling on power plants to cut emissions by 30% from 2005 levels could be very costly, both in terms of large dollar amounts but also in increased individual suffering due to jobs lost and reduced quality of life.

Nobody knows for sure how much money or jobs would be lost; some say a lot, some say not so much but it’s a fact that today’s world runs primarily on fossil fuels. Nearly everything we use relies heavily on those fuels for its existence and if we make it vastly more expensive to extract, refine and distribute those fuels, prices will go up, possibly way up.

A big shake up of the energy industry would also require further bloating of an already bloated and always hungry government blob who eagerly waits the  expansion required to accommodate the numerous new laws, fees and regulations.   The bureaucrats would quickly multiply and soon yet another layer of big government would be birthed; it’s big fat nose meddling in our businesses, homes, cars and even our garbage! Yes, that’s just what we need, an army of self-righteous minions with clipboards sifting through our leftovers!

And yet you never hear climate absolutists even hint at the downside of reducing CO2 emissions.   Why? A logical way to work through large and potentially sweeping change policies is to go through the pros and cons and really work out what is known and unknown, and where and even if resources should be focused.  Steven Koonan does just this in this a very reasoned and sober Climate Science Is Not Settled Wall Street Journal essay.

Yes the climate is changing and yes man probably has something to do with it but how much? And will the effect really be disastrous or are we overlooking the upsides to warmer temperatures like increased agricultural grown and longer life spans? And how could our climate prediction models have completely missed the flat temperatures we’ve had for the past 20 years and the fact that the Antarctic ice is thickening so much, global warming research boats are getting stuck there.

Bring up these issues though and you risk being called a denier (as in Holocaust, funny, huh?) and the punishment is shunning your views and perhaps labeling you as a Koch brothers stooge or a shill for big oil. Or maybe even being thrown locked up, as this method of dealing with opposing views seems to be gaining steam among climate change absolutists.

This is not a sign of a healthy society that welcomes open debate, nor one that turns to logic and sound reasoning to guide policy. It’s more like zealotry where heretics that don’t fall in line with “accepted” opinion get compared to Nazi sympathizers and threatened with jail time.

It’s all so absurd sounding, like something George Orwell wrote and yet this is our world today.  Many people are just very comfortable with a massive and ever increasing centralized government coming to their rescue and either don’t think about, or are ignorant on how damaging this is to personal liberty and a free and Democratic citizenry.

I’m honestly curious, are there people out there who really think a person stops being corrupt just because they work for the government? Do they think those employees don’t look out for their own self-interest like every other person on the planet? That they are not power hungry and wouldn’t attempt to game a system for their own benefit at the very dear expense of taxpayers?

It always amazes me how willing people are to hand over so much personal freedom to faceless, unaccountable and incompetent bureaucrats. The debate about climate change would trouble me a lot less if more people struggled with those issues. Or were at least acted like they were aware of them.

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1 Response to Exposing Your Inner Dictator

  1. Lucy says:

    That’s my problem with all this as it always seems to be on extreme or the other. Everything has a cost and so the do “something rather than nothing” argument to me is worthless.


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